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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

HSMM-Mesh and the New Ham Shack

I have been busy these last several months on building a new ham shack. I had to do this because the wife was getting tired of all the projects going on in my home office. Now the office can have it's own room back. I have moved into the new shack! It is a work in progress, I still have to put some shelves up and other items to make it complete. I now have a dedicated operating desk and a second desk for operating or working on projects. I also have a battery backup for the shack, I will be able to be on the air when the mains go out.  I will post some pictures on a later blog. This does bring me to a problem of moving my BPQ node to the shack, the internet wireless connection is to far from the shack to use for a reliable connection. So what is a Ham to do? HSMM-Mesh! I played with this last night after upgrading 2 routers to 0.4.3, and let me tell you, it was easy to get the internet gateway up and running. Now I can work on moving my BPQ gateway to the new shack. This could also give me callsign look-up also. I do not need much else for internet in the shack so it will work great for me!



  1. Hi Jim, you make it sound easy, lol. Can you walk me through the steps that I would need to connect my 2 node mesh network to a internet gateway? My nodes are N8WQ-1 and N8WQ-2. I have a normal wireless internet connection in the shack on my desktop and my laptop. I plan on using my laptop with the HSMM-MESH.

    Orville "Alan" Jones

  2. Make sure you are running version 0.4.3 on both. Then connect the WAN port to a LAN port on your internet router. This should give you internet on all Mesh nodes, be sure to stay part 97 legal if you are running as a part 97 mesh. Just connect your laptop to the other Mesh node and you have internet.