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Friday, May 21, 2010

NBEMS Message Software - FLMSG

FLmsg is a simple forms management editor for ICS-213 (emergency management reports) and Radiogram (NTS messages). It is the latest software for FLdigi NBEMS system. The user prepares and views all data files from the single user interface dialog box. The Radiogram tab has a check button that will force all of the fields to be tested for correctness. The Message text will then be converted to upper case. Periods and commas will be converted to the stop character character, "X".  I think this check feature is the best part of the Radiogram tab. It gives you the correct check number for your Radiogram automatically. This program along with FLdigi-FLarq will help to improve traffic on the digital nets. You need to be running FLdigi 3.20.11.

Here's the help file:

Download available here:
flmsg-0.9.03_setup.exe is the windows version

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I have found a program that is very usefull in running and testing Winlink RMS nodes. The program is AGWmonitor by the same creator of AGWPE. This program works great. You can see all the traffic on the frequency. It is good for finding out if the frequency is too crowded or not. It will also list all stations that are heard. The best feature is that it works at the same time as your RMS or Paclink program does.