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Friday, September 16, 2011

PBX in a flash for HSMM VOIP

     I am interested in a VOIP solution for HSMM and I am trying PBX in a Flash out. It looks like a very good setup. When you install it it will over wright your hard drive, this may be a problem to others than me. I want to experiment with it but only have two laptops at this time, I know that is a problem to have. I also want this to be portable and not run on a desktop which is a lot harder to take to the field. So I decided to install it on a flash drive. The flash drive used for this test was a 4GB Cruzer USB 2.0.
     It was easy to install, first I downloaded the ISO file from the web site, then I burned it to disk. I then used an extra desktop to burn this to the flash drive. The first thing I did was to disconnect the hard drive to give this software no choice but to install to the flash drive. The default install went smooth, but it did take quite a while to install CentOS. Then it had to load the VOIP software which also took quite a while. After it was installed I ran the program and it did fine. The only problem I have right now is that the drivers for the alternate computer are not setup. There must be a way to go back and update the OS for the next computer it is hooked up to. I will be looking at this and also maybe a DC-DC converter for a desktop unit. There is much to do here but it is very promising.


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