Henderson KY Winlink Gateway

Henderson Kentucky Winlink 2000 Gateway 145.010


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Our hearts and prayers go out to all who have felt hurricane Sandy.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Windows XP!

Windows XP was released worldwide for retail sale on October 25, 2001. XP is now 11 years old! It has been the biggest version yet, and does not want to fade into history. Will the new windows 8 be all that or will it be what pushes the pc world into other operating systems? Only time will tell. I know I have been using XP and plan on keeping my system running past the 18 months it has left. I have also been using Linux and OSX systems also. I do not use any Windows as my main computer OS at this time.

Monday, October 22, 2012

3cx Software PBX for HSMM Update!

I have been playing with this VOIP setup for a while now, It works great! You need to be careful when you setup the remote extensions, why would I know that! Well I had some trouble when I started the installation over again to write a tutorial, I missed a step that really through me for a loop, and it was not anything to do with port forwarding, I set it up on two other routers. The problem I ran into was a password did not match for the remote extension, this will not happen again! There is some good information on the HSMM-Mesh web site on VOIP. I am planning on finishing a tutorial in the near future.



Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DC or AC to run the Ham Station?

I have built a new Ham Station and have a 12v DC battery backup system. I have posted details of this system in the past. The big question now is do I run it on 12v and let the charger keep the batteries charged or run it from 110vac using transformers to get 12v? I have seen pros and cons both ways. The batteries are on the other side of the wall next to the operating position so the leads would be short. I have also been looking at some DC lighting. I am looking for ideas.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

HSMM-Mesh and the New Ham Shack

I have been busy these last several months on building a new ham shack. I had to do this because the wife was getting tired of all the projects going on in my home office. Now the office can have it's own room back. I have moved into the new shack! It is a work in progress, I still have to put some shelves up and other items to make it complete. I now have a dedicated operating desk and a second desk for operating or working on projects. I also have a battery backup for the shack, I will be able to be on the air when the mains go out.  I will post some pictures on a later blog. This does bring me to a problem of moving my BPQ node to the shack, the internet wireless connection is to far from the shack to use for a reliable connection. So what is a Ham to do? HSMM-Mesh! I played with this last night after upgrading 2 routers to 0.4.3, and let me tell you, it was easy to get the internet gateway up and running. Now I can work on moving my BPQ gateway to the new shack. This could also give me callsign look-up also. I do not need much else for internet in the shack so it will work great for me!