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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Emergency Backup Power for the Shack

I am currently working on a backup battery system for the shack. I have been looking at many different ways to do this. I am planning on running most of the equipment on 12v dc. I am looking to start with some batteries and an inverter/charger. I would like to get solar working in the future. One thing I have found in researching this, is that there is a lot of information out there, but it can be confusing. If I can get this all working, it would give me a complete station that could be run without power coming into the shack. I am also looking at some generator options also. Stay tuned for more. 73


  1. Jim, I converted a PC Power Supply into a 12V battery charger. It has 12v, 5v, and 3v output to run various electronics. I raised the voltage to 13.8-13.9 with 12v vehicle bulbs on the 5v line as suggested in this article:


    Then I run the 13.8V output through a 10amp solar charge controller to the battery to maintain the battery but not cook it. Mine has 3 connectors, a 12v input, charge output to battery, and then accessory output with push-button switch to turn on/off the accessory output (but keeps charging the battery). I found it on Amazon. When my 220v mains drop, the battery keeps the radio running.

    I live in the rainforest of Madagascar and power is a privilege, not a right. I decided to get a diesel Kipor. General consensus is diesel is quieter, more fuel efficient, and is better for longer runs. I read that maintenance is less but I haven't owned it long enough to verify the claims.

    Hope the info is helpful. Enjoy your project...


  2. Hey one more link...


    He uses a float charger/trickle charger to a battery pack.

    Also, if you use a battery bank to get more AH you could consider a 1,000 or 2000watt 12volt-110v converter for any 110 stuff (laptop, coffee maker, other stuff one needs TX during a power outage)...

  3. Interesting links! Thanks 73 Jim KC4BQK