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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Windows XP Dying?

Every where I look I see an article talking about Windows XP dying. Could this be true? How could it be true? I have been working with Ubuntu and Windows 7 lately, but I still have some machines running XP. These computers will probably run XP till I can no longer keep the computer alive. This is because they are not really fast enough to use windows 7. These machines are also running radios and radio software, thus I do not have to worry to much about them getting sick with a virus or even a cold. So I guess until I get some faster machines to run the other day to day computing Windows XP will live on in my shack. So I guess Windows XP is not really dying, but a group of people are trying to help it die faster.


  1. Like you I'll be running XP for as long as I can keep it alive. Microsoft won't be providing any more updates for it but so what? A lot of ham software doesn't run properly under newer versions of Windows and I bet that will be an even bigger issue with Windows 8.

  2. Windoze XP will have updates until 2014
    If you really want to get into LINUX then I suggest that you try Debian (Proper) or LinuxMint LMDE I personally try to stay away from Ubuntu, or any "Forks" made from Ubuntu as I think that it's getting too bloated, just like Windoze, just my 2c worth

    Chris N9JCA

  3. Yes there will be critical updates till then, it is the after that could be fun! I have been using Ubuntu mainly because it was closer to Windows and easier for me to try something new. Also, Ubuntu was easy for the XYL to use.