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Friday, October 30, 2009

How to Program the WRT54G

Now that the two WRT54G's (one version 4 and one version 8) have had their firmware upgraded to DD-WRT, it is time to make them work together. We have to set the routers up for WDS (Wireless Distribution System) to stay legal with Part 97 ID requirement. If the SSID is your Callsign the station easily satisfies Part 97 ID requirements.

The WRT54G's default address is You need to change this and give each one it's own IP address. For example: The first Router= then on your WDS connected router, third would be etc. You also need to disable DHCP on all routers except the first one. Set the routers to AP mode and put them on the same Ham channel 2 through 5. Turn off security on both routers. Under Part 97 the transmissions can not be encrypted. Wireless - Wireless Security - Security Mode. Then put the wireless MAC address of each router into the table of the other router, and select LAN for the type. Wireless - WDS. There is no need to enable Lazy WDS or WDS subnet on either router. Turn off the firewall on the routers. Security - Firewall - Firewall Protection. And do not forget to turn up the Tx power. These are the basic steps to get the routers talking together.

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