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Monday, March 29, 2010

Fldigi and Flarq a Digital Mode for Traffic Handling NBEMS

Fldigi is a nice program for PSK31 and various other digital modes. It is simple to use and has several advantages going for it for traffic handling. I normally use Digipan for HF digital, but I have been playing with this one for a few days now. I like this software with an eye towards traffic handling. The traffic handling comes into play with Flarq. Flarq provides handshaking on top of Fldigi to provide 100% assurance the message got through. It will also send binary files, which is where I would like to try using Qforms for Radiogram traffic. Flwrap is also another piece of Fldigi that could be very usefull. It would enable you to send a bulletin, weather report, situation updates or data to one or more stations at a time with 100% accuracy. Nets can be conducted using fldigi alone, and net control can suggest that two stations move to an adjacent frequency, have one beacon, the other connect, and then pass traffic using the error-free ARQ protocol provided by flarq. NBEMS is the combined use of Flarq, Fldigi, a Single Sideband Transceiver and the appropriate antenna system. I have included some great help sites.





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