Henderson KY Winlink Gateway

Henderson Kentucky Winlink 2000 Gateway 145.010


Monday, August 16, 2010

BPQ32 up and running

I now have BPQ32 up and running. It was a very intersesting ordeal, but I am very pleased with the outcome. The site now has a node, BBS Mail and Chat, and Winlink RMS. I must thank Jeff WA4ZKO for his time and help in making this happen. This node is now connected to a node in Owensboro and Dry Ridge. Now it is time to build on this system and add users.


  1. Hi Jim - Bill Erhardt K7MT Helena, Mt. I enjoyed reading your adventure with BPQ 32 etc. Presently I have RMS Packet on 145.010, APRS Igate on 144.390 and SGate on 145.825 ISS and NO-44. Radios are two Kantronics DVR 2-2's APRS/RMS and a MFJ 8621 ISS SGate. I am on solar 24/7 to upport these three very low power radios Kantronics 2 watts and MFJ 5 watts but they work great with some goog antennas. We have X1J4 packet nodes on 145.010 for RMS and Digis on 144.390 so a lot of power is not needed. I am thinking of going to BPQ 32 as I would like to add the internet connection, a BBS F6BBS I think still researching and put all the packet stuff I presently have under BPQ 32. Sounds like I am in for an adventure. Packet on 145.010 has picked up in the western Montana area and will be expanded next year so its time for a BBS instead of just connecting and saying hi and then disconnect. I know there are many other uses and we are getting packet in the State DES so EMCOM will include this mode. I am looking foward to the challange this winter and may ask a couple questions if you have time. Happy Holidaze !!! From Bill K7MT Helena, Mt. http://www.k7mt.com Pics of Ham Shack McMurdo station Antarctica.......

  2. Is that node in Owensboro ky? and so what freq? I am in the western of ky running bpq32 and did not know what freq it is on....

  3. It is in Henderson KY on 145.010. Drop me an email my callsign at arrl.net