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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Microsoft Windows XP-- The Down Side

I have been a Microsoft Windows fan since Windows 3.0 came out. I say this as a precursor to why I am looking at another Operating system now. I got hit with what is called the "MS gotcha", I changed my motherboard in my Compaq computer and now my software licence is voided. Why is this you ask, because the software is OEM and tied to the Bios of the original motherboard. I have never run into this problem before so it has been an interesting adventure. There seems to be something inherently wrong with this software issue. I have right now about two viable choices, buy Windows7 or go with a Linux version. I am going to look at the Linux route at this point because I do like the open source and the lower costs involved. I will review some distros and go with the one that I like. It will need to be easy to use and somewhat Windows like because the wife also uses this one. I am not to worried about running Windows software so this should not be a problem. So here I go on a great adventure!

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