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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

HSMM-Mesh Upgrade 0.4.1 Firmware

I have been playing with HSMM-Mesh and have upgraded to their newest firmware and find it operates wonderful! A news release from their site: http://hsmm-mesh.org/news.html

"The time has come for a firmware update. This is primarily a bug fix release. It is available as both a full firmware image (as it always has been) and also as a patch. This is the first time that a patch has been released, so this upgrade will be easier than in all prior releases.

This patch will require that the node be rebooted and that will happen automatically during the installation. To install it make sure your node has internet access and go to the Administration page, click Refresh in the Download Firmware section, select patch-0.4.1.tgz and click Download. That's it, in a few moments you will have new firmware!

Here is a summary of the updates:

- fixed the average signal strength reading
- fixed an olsr bug which caused it to crash
- fixed a DMZ mode configuration bug when the WAN was disabled
- improved the firewall handling when a DMZ server is used in NAT mode
- improved the calculation of the Previous Neighbors age
- do not display local network details to remote nodes

The HSMM-Mesh Upgrade 0.4.1 Firmware has been real fun to play with. These guys are moving right along with the HSMM-Mesh firmware. I have three WRT54G routers setup and running. I have had one outside in a weatherproof box running since November using the 0.4.0 firmware. It has been down into the teens and I have had no problems yet. I will be field testing / demo the system in the spring. Go to their site and check it out.


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