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Monday, August 15, 2011

Grandstream GXP-280 HSMM PBX Phone

The Grandstream GXP-280 looks like a good phone to use with the portable PBX system I am working on now. It is a cost effective, but feature filled phone. The web site states that the phone with most 3rd party SIP devices, gateways and leading soft-switch platforms. This phone should preform very good for the HSMM PBX system.

GXP280 Key Features:

128 x 32 pixel graphical LCD with support for multiple languages
1 line appearance with FLASH to handle up to 2 simultaneous calls
3 XML programmable context sensitive soft keys, 3 way conference
High fidelity wideband audio, full-duplex speakerphone with advanced acoustic echo cancellation
Dual switched auto sensing 10/100 Mbps network ports
Automated provisioning for mass deployment, SRTP



  1. Hi Jim,
    I install networks for small businesses in Kenya. I would like to get some hands on knowledge in IP telephony.
    A friend has suggested we start by setting up a lab to get familiar. I will set up one point at home and the other at my workshop. Both points are on Internet.

    Is the use of a Digium FXS/FXO Echo Cancellation TDM800P TDM8XM Rev A 8-Port Asterisk Card with the Grandstream GXP-280 phone going to work. If not care you in a position to recommend some equally low priced sets like Cisco phones that I see on eBay. I have a budget of about US $ 800.00 for the set up of my lab comprising of two Digium cards and two IP phones on each end. The PCs are already in place.

    I would also appreciate some information on other models of telephones that have stand alone power supplies. Not POE.



    email: technical@benselectronics.co.ke

    1. Ben

      I am not far enough into this project to help very much. I am still learning and testing, so I do not have enough experience yet. I think you are heading in a good direction, there are a lot smarter people that can help. I am hoping to be better at VOIP in the future. Thanks for reading my Blog.