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Monday, August 29, 2011

Prototype HSMM-Mesh Portable Node

Here is a prototype Mobile mesh node. I built this using a 5 gallon bucket, a military surplus fiberglass pole, and concrete. This was a cheap build because 5 gallon buckets are easy to procure, and the concrete was left over from a fence repair. The fiberglass military poles are found at most hamfests and also online. These poles make good quick antenna masts. I built this with the ability to stack these when they are in storage. I cut the pole at 13 inches and then put it in the middle of the half filled bucket of concrete. Be sure to cut it shorter than the room needed for the top.  Make sure your bucket is level and that your mast is also level. I then drilled a hole in the middle of the top to allow the mast to be installed with the top still on.  This is how to keep them stackable and not loose the top in the field. I used the rest of the cut off piece and mounted the node on it. This keeps you from wasting anything. I used two other poles and had the node about 12 feet in the air. It was very stable. It could also be guyed in a windy environmet or if you wanted to go higher.

Here are the basic parts to start:


Here is the mast installed and the hole drilled into the top:


Here is how it looks when installed:


Here is the node at about 12 feet:



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  2. I tried building one but the higher the pole, the less sturdy it gets. I tried reinforcing it with more mesh and fiberglass lath and also improvised in adding sort of like a tripod for the pail. Waiting for it to dry. Thanks for posting this with pictures Jim. BTW, Should you be needing other mesh products, try http://www.sunlinemesh.com/mesh-pricelist/ as they offer the cheapest products and also make deliveries.