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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

3cx Software PBX for HSMM

I finally finished the installation of the software last night. 3CX uses a browser based management console to set up and configure the system and phones. This was relatively simple, after the small learning curve. I had it up and running with a soft phone on my Acer laptop running Windows7 Ultimate. I setup another soft phone on my other laptop, running Vista, and had it working on the same Mesh router. I ported all the required port forwarding that it called for and then expecting to have to change some routing settings in the second soft phone, I moved the cat5 cable to the second Mesh router and it still worked? Was that supposed to happen?   Not with my luck, but it did. I restarted everything from the two laptops and the two Mesh routers and when they rebooted everything still worked. I was thinking that it should be harder than this to setup. At this point everything is working as it should. I will give an update later after it has had some time to run. There is a very limited Windows versions that the software will run on, so be sure to check it out before you start.


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