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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Henderson Kentucky Digital Working Group

Here in Henderson KY, we have started a digital working group. We will be working towards learning, teaching and developing digital systems. We have 11 members in this group to start with. We had our first meeting and everyone is excited to move forward with HSMM. We will be using WRT54G's and HSMM-Mesh software to build several portable nodes so that we can deploy them and do some testing on a larger scale. We will start small and build this into the complete system with RMS/BBS/BPQ32 capabilities. We will be building the first simple nodes to the same basic standard specifications to help everyone to be able to use and setup any portable node without problems. We will also be using the same software throughout the system. I think we will have some nice deployments this summer in some of the local parks and we will have to bring some food to grill. Here are a couple of pictures of the first meeting:




  1. I'd be interested to see an equipment list to see what your using and the type of antenna. Do you plan on going high-gain and omni or directional?

    -KK4CKV / Chris

  2. We will be using both types of antennas it just depends on what we are doing with the mesh. We will probably use more omni antennas for most of the mesh. Check this posting out: http://kc4bqk.blogspot.com/2009/10/hsmm-parts.html It is an older post but it is what equipment we are using.