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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ham Radio and the Future

     I have been hearing a some complaining from some hams that have a problem with using the Internet to link stations. I have also had several complain about why do we need digital modes we have CW and thats all we need. I would prefer to have a backup link using RF, but that is not always possible when you are first setting up packet/Winlink nodes. The infrastructure is just not there and will take some time to build it. So by using the Internet to link nodes helps get remote nodes connected and to show others that the system does work. Then as more see the system as being viable, we can add more stations and also the RF backbone. In the end the Internet would not be needed to use the system. I also think CW is a great and needed mode but I wonder what ever happened to the real hams that used a spark to send his traffic?

     I am not putting down any CW operators, but some of the attitudes towards anything new is not helping the hobby. This hobby has many different things to experiment with, from CW, AM, SSB, Digital, Satellites and many others. We need to have an attitude for the hobby of "That mode does not interest me, but I am glad you are advancing the Radio Arts." If we all looked at it this way maybe we could advance the Radio Art. We need to promote all modes in the hobby and computers are here to stay. Also, a future Ham only Mesh Network needs to move forward. Thanks for bearing with my rambling rant on this subject. 73

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